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iTunes U Webcast Series: Getting to Know iTunes U

Tuesday, November 13 2012 10:00AM - 11:00AM Pacific

In this three-part iTunes U webcast series, you'll learn how to bring the power of iPad to your classroom with iTunes U. Watch as educators show you how to build customized courses full of dynamic interactive content you can share with your students.

Five to ten minutes prior to the webcast start time, go to this Apple web page.

Enter the following information:
Webcast ID: iTunes U
Passcode: 289498

Then enter your name, location, and email address. Entering this information helps personalize the webcast experience and allows presenters and experts to contact you via email to follow up on your questions. Entering this information is optional.

Click the Login button. The webcast stream appears on the next page.

During this first webcast of the series, that includes an interactive Q & A with the presenters and guest educators, you'll hear an overview of iTunes U and learn about some of the powerful features of the new iTunes U app. You'll see an iTunes U course from a students perspective and have the opportunity to ask the teachers live during the webcast how they're educating with iTunes U.

This webcast is an opportunity for educators and education leaders to learn about the possibilities for transformational learning that happens with iPad and iTunes U.